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June 29, 2011

Praying to Saints–A Powerful Form of Intercessory Prayer

It has been awhile since I made a post, due to time constraints, but this blog has not been far from my mind! I still have so much that I feel I need to cover and so many misconceptions I would like to clear up, and tonight I think I’m going to pick up with the issue on praying to saints.

It’s no secret to anyone that Catholics pray to the saints (in other words, Christians who are in Heaven)…and this is true! What is untrue, however, is that this means Catholics worship the saints. The word “pray” is not synonymous with “worship”. Pray, by the original definition, means “to ask earnestly”. Ever heard that old fashioned saying “Pray tell me…”? That phrase, utilizing the word “pray”, is a form of asking. Therefore, simply saying that Catholics pray to the saints does not in any way imply worship.

Worship is for God and God alone…all three parts of Him. The Chatechism of the Catholic Church (which is basically a giant document that covers the Church’s belief and theology on everything pertaining to God, Scripture, Tradition, and life) will tell you that the Chruch’s official belief is that, again, Worship is ONLY for God. The Catholic Church does not condone the worship of anyone other than our one God. (I apologize not for redundancy…I felt that that fact bares repeating).

If Catholics don’t worship the saints, then what are they doing praying to them??

Let me ask you, whoever “you” reading this may be, a simple question. If you are going through a rough time, and could really use some prayer, what is the first thing you do, after (or perhaps before) praying to God yourself? I assume that most of you would say that you go to your best friend, family member, or fellow member of your congregation, and ask them to pray for you. But why…why would you ask someone else to pray for you, when you have a direct connection to God? Why not just pray to Him yourself…it’s YOU he wants to hear from, and there is no mediator between God and man besides Christ, right?

You ask a fellow Christian to pray for you in times of need because two praying hearts are better than one! Especially if the person you came to is someone you trust as a strong Christian and a mighty prayer warrior.

This is why Catholics pray to saints.

The saints are simply Christians who are in Heaven. As Christians, we are one family, despite our current place in our spiritual journey (still enduring here on Earth, or experiencing eternal life in Heaven). Therefore, the saints, just like the Christians here on Earth, are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are at the foot of God’s throne, worshiping Him for all eternity and serving as prayer warriors for those of us enduring the hardships that life on Earth brings. So just like you can ask your best friend or pastor to lift you up in prayer and intercede on your behalf, you are also provided with heavenly prayer partners to do the same.

Personally, when I am struggling with something, I first spend some quiet time with God myself. Then, I may go recruit those I trust to pray for me as well. I’ll ask my husband or my best friend to pray for me, as well as a saint in Heaven. Because prayer is powerful, and in tough times, I need all the prayer I can get!


“For when two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them” –Jesus Christ; Matthew 18:20