Not a God of Disorder

I Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace…”

This one verse is not much, but it when I read it, it confirms what I already knew in my heart about God. In a world full of turmoil and confusion, God is a refuge from this, as He is a God of order. This knowledge of God reaffirms my belief that Christ would not merely ascend back into Heaven without establishing an official Church, teaching office, and an ordained leader. He would not go back into Heaven without forming an office that would continue after the apostle’s death…a succession, so that His Church may remain consistent. A God of disorder and confusion might do such a thing as to leave us without an established Church, but that is not our God. And He certainly would not have left us with a only book, even thought it is a Divinely Inspired book, as our only source of the Truth. In His time period, that would have been the most disorderly thing He could have done. Books were few and far between and only the wealthiest owned them. It wouldn’t be for another 1700 years before the common man, whom Jesus died for, would have not only access to books, but the ability to read.

But our God, a God of order, had a plan to make sure that we would have a Church with orderly leadership and consistent Teachings. He sent His Holy Spirit over the Church to guide it, so that as an institution it would be divinely inspired. Yes, at times the leaders of the church would sin and do ungodly things while in ministry, but because of the Holy Spirit, this would not affect the infallibility of the oral Church Teachings, just as the sins committed by the writer’s of the Bible do not affect it’s infallibility. Jesus made it so that years later we would not have to debate on what He meant on various issues, for He provided for us the Truth through His Church.

When man broke away from this Church, this is when disorder and confusion occurred. It opened the can of worms for people to begin interpreting Scripture and Church Teachings their own way, and forming churches based on this personal, subjective interpretation. Christ had already spoken His Truths to His first apostles and ordained them as leaders of His Church. He sent His Holy Spirit to guide it so that what Jesus spoke to the apostles would be orally passed down over the years and these spoken words would be the divinely inspired Word of God (a divinely inspired game of telephone, if you will).

But in the reformation when man rejected this Church and decided to break away, he stepped outside of this divine guidance. Although the Holy Spirit is still very much present in the hearts of those who followed the separation and the Holy Spirit is present in all Christian churches (as the Catholic Church teaches), the God given promise of consistent, infallible interpretations and teachings is not guaranteed. This is why churches today are still being broken apart and new denominations are still being created due to theological disagreements, yet the original Church Jesus founded has been, theologically, the same since He handed the “keys” to Peter.

I wanted to share this with you all, but tonight I’m going to keep my post short and sweet, as I have a list of things I am hoping to accomplish this evening.  Good night and peace! 🙂


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